Top 5 Cartoons Of All Time

Many people have their own opinions on what their favorite cartoon show was. Some think back to the shows that were on when they were kids. Others like the newer versions of cartoon shows in the modern world now. Here is a list of MY top five cartoon shows.


#5 Invader Zim

If you think back to when you were still in elementary or even in middle school and this show comes on early in the mornings, you would want to stay and watch it. This show, is basically defined in two words… disturbingly entertaining. It was a rather interesting show to watch when you were a kid. It was that weird show you wanted to keep watching but couldn’t.


#4 Courage The Cowardly Dog

Remember how I said Invader Zim was disturbingly entertaining? This show would just weird you out. What I, and many fans, enjoy about this show is how completely random it is. Every episode brings something completely unexpected, and fans love it. No one would deny that they would at least watch one episode of this.


#3 Popeye

Popeye, when his natural muscles don’t do its job, spinach will apparently. This charasmatic sailor could take on a challenge by only eating his veggies. Popeye, for me, was an entertaining show to watch due to the humor of it. Even though I still refused to eat my spinach, I would still cheer him on when he eats his veggies in order to do the impossible.


#2 Looney Tunes

What? Of course this would be on this list. Every kid in the US should’ve seen one episode, or at least one of their characters. This gigantic show made from multiple characters was surely something to enjoy as a kid. From the genius Bugs Bunny tricking Elmer Fudd into shooting Daffy Duck to Coyote chasing Roadrunner, this show should be in your top 5 as well.


#1 Tom And Jerry

This was to be expected somewhere on this list, from it just took the top spot. This show…just brings the memories when you were a kid. Even though it’s still pretty old, it gets overplayed and even renewed. This show should’ve been one of the favorites for many kids. Tom and Jerry are two iconic characters that will not be forgotten.

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