Bouncing Ball

The Bouncing Ball took a while to make because of a complication that  I had to go through. Overall it was a simple yet annoying assignment to accomplish. It irks me when I mess up on one of the circles or if I make it too big or too small. Overall the assignment was pretty simple and I had fun stressing myself out over it. I do feel as if I should have put more into this assignment on the other hand.

I feel like I should have put in a little bit more effort. I also believe that I should’ve put in more detail into the artwork as well. After all, I felt as if it was too simple of an assignment and I tend to make things complicated. I wanted to make a decent looking  ball turn into a weird eyeball.

If I had more time, I do feel like I could have accomplished more, but also if I wanted to put more effort into it as well. I was a bit off task while doing the assignment at times and will try not to in future tasks.





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