My Favorite Disney Movie

Even though this is more on the Marvel side, it was a Disney produced movie. Captain  America Civil War. This has been the #1 Most Anticipated Movie for me and the millions of others for 2016. Everyone wanted to see the 2 most famous superheroes of this era duke it out with their own perspective teams. Of course, I had my team already picked by the time I saw the trailer.

Even though in the trailer Captain America somewhat looks like the antagonist but also doesn’t at the same time doesn’t make him evil. The scene at the end portraying him “betraying” Tony Stark, or Iron Man, to show his undying loyalty to his old pal Bucky. I believed in the beginning that whatever Captain America was doing, it was the right thing. Rogers wouldn’t go against his friends and allies without a good reason.

Overall, the movie itself carries a bunch of action and dialogue as well as a few bits of comedy. The intense and suspenseful movie will keep you wondering, “What’s going to happen next?” I highly recommend seeing this movie.large_large_5n20rqurev5cndcmjhvuzhpocnc

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