1st Semester Mashup/Dank Memes

This is all the work that I have done during my first 2 Quarters of Animation. The class itself has been a blast so far and I am totally looking forward to my 2nd semester. It was pretty challenging at times, I agree, but it gets better over time. Also getting used to how to do certain things and how to upload are pretty fun and interesting.

This class has lived up to its hype that I received due to friends saying the class was total fun. It makes me want to retake the class or take another one of Mr. Olmedo’s no doubt fun classes. Even if the work is somewhat challenging, you can still have fun during or after the product is finished.

Overall, one of my favorite classes this year so far. Can’t wait to have many more good memories and fun times. Also can’t wait to do more dank memeage with my friends. Please enjoy the hilariously terrible video. Kappa.

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