2017 Manifesto

Gary Vaynerchuk is a pretty successful man and gives priceless advice. You can tell that he gives every day, 24/7, 100% effort. He seems like a pretty wise guy. People can tell that Gary has gone through a lot of hardships but has prevailed. He is one of those wealthy guys that instead of being a jerk, helps the world and gives advice.

Gary helps ton of people on tons of subjects. From helping people decide what to do with their lives to telling them how to get through college, he will give advice on mostly everything. Gary says that basically 2017 is our year to get our lives together and to get things done. That alone gives his audience a major confidence boost, saying that they themselves can do what they dream of doing and that they can accomplish it.

Gary says that he’s blessed that he had such a life, and keeps advising the audience to do what they dream to do. If they do what they want to do like how Gary is explaining it, that they will get the same happiness and peace that they will also achieve. Gary is a professional pep talker, even though most of his words are a bit over the top. He still, on the other hand, gives advice that can change a persons life.

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