Career Exploration-Motion Designer


A. A Motion Designer is a person that would continually create and ship world-class social entertainment.

B. Motion Designers define and articulate goals, design and ship products, define and implement user studies, write press realizes and blog posts, manage projects, and much more.

C. A List of Requirements Would Be the Following:

•BS/BA/BFA degree (or equivalent) in film, design (or equivalent)
•6+ years of professional experience shipping world-class products in the software, TV •or film industry
•A thorough understanding of motion design and film editing principles
•Highly effective multidisciplinary collaboration skills
•Personal commitment to quality, attention to detail
•Confidence with design communication tools
•Effective, articulate design communication and decision-making skills
•An online portfolio of work which conveys your capabilities

D. I wouldn’t mind being a Motion Designer for VALVE. It seems like an interesting position to have and to be in. I wouldn’t mind the challenges and wouldn’t mind working for a company in which one of their products I enjoy a lot.

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