Animation/Game Studio


Valve Corporation has been one of my favorite game corporations. Although every company has its difficulties and problems, which Valve does,  this company has stuck with me for years. I’ve used their app, Steam, for more than 7 years. Steam has over 125 million active users, including me. If someone plays with the PC, most of the games will need a steam account to play, or it will be highly recommended.

My favorite work/game from them would be Counter Strike Global Offensive. It’s a game I’ve invested a lot of time to lately due to me playing it with my friends. It’s a game that has multiple modes but most of it is team vs team based. The main two that people play are Competitive and Casual. Casual is the easier of the two where both teams start off with more money and always have armor on, plus there can be 10 on each team but the matches can only go to whoever wins 8 times. Competitive is the harder of the two. It’s a 5v5 situation where you have shortened money and never have armor unless you buy it.


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