Top 5 Horror Games to Play During October

Here’s a list of a few video games to play if someone is interested in being scared during this Spooktober Holiday.

#5 Until Dawn

DUntil Dawn is a single-player butterfly effect based horror game that puts 8 characters together in what was supposed to be a getaway retreat in the mountains only for it to turn out horribly horribly wrong. In a game where every characters decision puts other characters in the game that they’re playing at risk of injuring them or even death if their decisions were rash. This is a game to play if you haven’t already seen someone playing it and just want to enjoy the brief popups and other horrors that await in this game that makes you want to play it from dusk till dawn.

#4 Emily Wants To Play


Admittedly, this would be a game I refuse to play, not only because I’m scared of horror games but because I wouldn’t really have the guts to move out of the starter room. This is a game where it puts you into this haunted house and makes you try and survive by doing multiple tasks in which you cannot fail. Well you can fail, but that includes you actually dying… and failing the mission.

#3 Resident Evil VII


Resident Evil is a highly successful survival horror franchise that is credited for popularizing the survival horror game genre. Even though it’s credited for popularizing it, it is discredited for creating the genre itself. It’s a fun and interesting series to play with its fair share of creepy and scary game play. From mutated monsters to horrifying flesh-eating zombies, this game is great to play in the dark if you’re an avid horror player. The newest of the series is Resident Evil 7 which puts a husband looking for his house while trying to escape a psychotic family that just so happened to be where the wife was located at.

#2 Outlast 1 & 2


Oh boy, now this is a horror game that I refuse to play. Well, I refuse to play all of the suggested SO FAR. Both games make you go through an intense and horror filled story that will make you disgusted, unless you’re an avid horror fan. In a game where the character must try to complete multiple tasks while avoiding scary killers, the character must do whatever he can to survive. Play this game at your own risk.

#1 Friday the Thirteenth


I feel as if there would be people who would be upset with how the list turns out. Do keep in mind that it is MY opinion on how this list is made and what games were inputted into the list. I put this multiplayer horror as my top spot because it corresponds with the Halloween feeling. In a game where a team of councilors try to escape a cursed camp, while running from the infamous killer Jason Voorhees.

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