Oscar Predictions- Best Animated Movie Nominees



Personally, I believe that this movie will win the Oscar for best animated movie. Created by Walt Disney Pictures and directed by Byron Howard and Rich Moore, this movie is great for the kids and the family. This movie is perfect to watch with your friends and family. With a 98% on Rotten Tomatoes, critics themselves love this movie. I recommend everyone to see it in any chance or circumstance that they get.


2017 Manifesto

Gary Vaynerchuk is a pretty successful man and gives priceless advice. You can tell that he gives every day, 24/7, 100% effort. He seems like a pretty wise guy. People can tell that Gary has gone through a lot of hardships but has prevailed. He is one of those wealthy guys that instead of being a jerk, helps the world and gives advice.

Gary helps ton of people on tons of subjects. From helping people decide what to do with their lives to telling them how to get through college, he will give advice on mostly everything. Gary says that basically 2017 is our year to get our lives together and to get things done. That alone gives his audience a major confidence boost, saying that they themselves can do what they dream of doing and that they can accomplish it.

Gary says that he’s blessed that he had such a life, and keeps advising the audience to do what they dream to do. If they do what they want to do like how Gary is explaining it, that they will get the same happiness and peace that they will also achieve. Gary is a professional pep talker, even though most of his words are a bit over the top. He still, on the other hand, gives advice that can change a persons life.

1st Semester Mashup/Dank Memes

This is all the work that I have done during my first 2 Quarters of Animation. The class itself has been a blast so far and I am totally looking forward to my 2nd semester. It was pretty challenging at times, I agree, but it gets better over time. Also getting used to how to do certain things and how to upload are pretty fun and interesting.

This class has lived up to its hype that I received due to friends saying the class was total fun. It makes me want to retake the class or take another one of Mr. Olmedo’s no doubt fun classes. Even if the work is somewhat challenging, you can still have fun during or after the product is finished.

Overall, one of my favorite classes this year so far. Can’t wait to have many more good memories and fun times. Also can’t wait to do more dank memeage with my friends. Please enjoy the hilariously terrible video. Kappa.

What’s Most Important

Casey Neistat seems to be an interesting individual. He seems to be a person that vlogs about everything he does in life. He seems to be a professional photographer and cameraman.  He also seems to have a ton of knowledge on both subjects.  He seems to be a pretty fun guy to travel to places with as well. 

I probably won’t go into photography and vlogging as much as Casey does. It seems like a really fun lifestyle to live but it also doesn’t seem like something I would see myself doing. His journey seemed really fun to take but of course at costs. It was pretty unplanned and he did admit himself he did not feel well during the hike. The food didn’t look well prepared either.

Casey took a ton of video logs on the trip. His transitions and topic went well with the video. Overall he seems like a decent guy.

Falling Brick

This animation was pretty simple and easy to do. It required us students to create an animation that involves having something fall and break. It was a fun little assignment that somewhat stressed me out. It made me think a bit on how things worked. I couldn’t figure out how the brick was supposed to break and fall. In the end, I figured it out.

It was a pretty simple yet challenging task to accomplish. The scene transitions were easy and simple.  I had plans to add more and to add more stuff into the animation but I didn’t have the time/ decided not to. I should have indeed added what I intended to have put into the animation.

Overall, it was a good little assignment. I wouldn’t really mind doing another one but with more detail. In the end, the product looks decent and it performed well. I look forward to more of these kinds of assignments in the future.

My Favorite Disney Movie

Even though this is more on the Marvel side, it was a Disney produced movie. Captain  America Civil War. This has been the #1 Most Anticipated Movie for me and the millions of others for 2016. Everyone wanted to see the 2 most famous superheroes of this era duke it out with their own perspective teams. Of course, I had my team already picked by the time I saw the trailer.

Even though in the trailer Captain America somewhat looks like the antagonist but also doesn’t at the same time doesn’t make him evil. The scene at the end portraying him “betraying” Tony Stark, or Iron Man, to show his undying loyalty to his old pal Bucky. I believed in the beginning that whatever Captain America was doing, it was the right thing. Rogers wouldn’t go against his friends and allies without a good reason.

Overall, the movie itself carries a bunch of action and dialogue as well as a few bits of comedy. The intense and suspenseful movie will keep you wondering, “What’s going to happen next?” I highly recommend seeing this movie.large_large_5n20rqurev5cndcmjhvuzhpocnc

Bouncing Ball

The Bouncing Ball took a while to make because of a complication that  I had to go through. Overall it was a simple yet annoying assignment to accomplish. It irks me when I mess up on one of the circles or if I make it too big or too small. Overall the assignment was pretty simple and I had fun stressing myself out over it. I do feel as if I should have put more into this assignment on the other hand.

I feel like I should have put in a little bit more effort. I also believe that I should’ve put in more detail into the artwork as well. After all, I felt as if it was too simple of an assignment and I tend to make things complicated. I wanted to make a decent looking  ball turn into a weird eyeball.

If I had more time, I do feel like I could have accomplished more, but also if I wanted to put more effort into it as well. I was a bit off task while doing the assignment at times and will try not to in future tasks.





My Favorite Animated Film of All Time


The Emperor’s New Groove was a favorite for me when I was a child. I always enjoyed watching it when it was on and would overwatch it when I had the movie. It was a nice mix of comradery an has a huge comedic value. It is a fun family/friend movie night movie to see. For me, I would highly recommend watching this movie.

It starts out with a hugely arrogant and rude emporer and his unwanted help of a villager when he suddenly turns into a llama due to a failed assassination attempt. He goes on the journey with the villager trying to get back to his castle and to restore himself back. The farmer and the emperor go through many hardships and along the way build up their friendship. At the end of it, the emperor is a nice and respectful person and he decides to change his mind on what he originally wanted to do with the villager.

This is a highly recommended movie to see if you like comedy and comradery. It is a good movie for kids as they can learn many lessons in this film. This has been my childhood favorite and it still is to this point in time. If I had to choose a movie to watch nonstop, it would be this movie. If you haven’t seen it yet, go and watch it.

Here’s the trailer:

Falling Leaf

The Falling Leaf project was a fun thing to work on. It was also something that stressed me out a lot due to me doing 5 frames of it, even though it was more than I was supposed to. It was a bit annoying redrawing a leaf over and over, but the end result payed off. Even though I did more work than I should’ve, I agree that it was worth it. It was fun and I would like to do something similar in the near future.

Self Portrait

self-portrait-realJust saying this once, I despise drawing myself. It honestly felt really weird drawing myself and making myself look even more hideous by basically applying makeup (paintbrush and bucket). Otherwise, just another easy task that took a while to finish. Besides feeling weirded out, it was rather fun and enjoyable. Although, it isn’t something I would do again.